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You can rest easy with an experienced full-service provider who will help you scan, score, and report student assessments gaining accurate insights at any scale.
We specialize in designing and implementing assessment programs large and small, with our clientele ranging from school districts to state departments of education.
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qAssess is a unique assessment management software-as-a service (SaaS) that provides a platform to assist you to locally print, scan, and score your performance -based (PB) and constructed-response (CR) items and assessment programs.
The primary goal of qAssess is to use computers to do what they do best—manage and process data—and allow the efficient use of a paper based-assessments that work best for students, allowing them to show their work, draw out their critical thinking skills, and demonstrate their knowledge of the subject matter.
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Central to understanding student success is a solid local assessment program that ensures your board, parents, students, and community members receive valid and timely test results.
Student outcomes are vital to measuring effectiveness of targeted programs, school climate, student engagement, support of at-risk youth, and other district or school-wide efforts.
Find out how our educational assessment services can help you design a testing program that will meet accountability requirements , as well as measure and report on student success.

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State departments of education and large school districts need an experienced organization that can manage any size assessment program by designing and implementing systems that meet all requirements, regulations , and lead to student success.
Our decades of experience and success in managing high-stakes, complex statewide and large-scale assessments will give your organization the expertise and flexibility needed in the demanding world of complex testing programs.
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A Word About Privacy & Security:.
We take the responsibility of protecting privacy very seriously—not just student privacy, but also the privacy of teachers, parents, and staff, by safeguarding all of the data we collect, store, and report.
To ensure privacy, we implement strict security measures that meet state and federal privacy laws, and we require our staff and subcontractors’ staff to take privacy training and sign security and privacy agreements once every year.
From our policies to our data storage and transfer systems and our secure facility, you can be sure that we will handle all of your data—whether on paper or online—with the utmost care.
Assessment Partners.
Whether your clients are state departments of education, districts, or schools, we are happy to work with you to customize our mix of products and services to deliver on projects of any size, to help schools improve student outcomes and students achieve success.
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