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Best Friend Forever takes you into a world of dogs

Best Friend Forever takes you into a world of dogs.
Best Friend Forever takes you into a world of dogs.
By Claire Lickman   On                      Best Friend Forever by Starcolt is a  visual novel  that combines a dating simulator with a dog owner simulator.
begins with your character moving to the town of Rainbow Bay — voted the most dog friendly city in the world since 2016.
You then have to adopt and train a dog, and have several characters to choose from.

Your first task is to sign up to the dating app Woofr

answering ten questions.
You then receive your diverse cast of matches to choose from: Anders, Astrid, Felix, Maribel, Robin and Sacha.

Every adult in Rainbow Bay owns at least one dog

and so next your character has to adopt your new best friend.
There is a choice of four dogs (a mutt, a Shiba Inu, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Maltese).
Each one has different  personality  traits and a different difficulty level.
You can then rename your dog and take them home.

Some of the activities you can do with your chosen dog on Best Friend Forever Each day

you can choose up to five activities to do, bumping into one of your Woofr matches throughout Rainbow Bay, or even going on a date.
Afterwards, you have to pick five activities to boost your dog’s behaviour and  personality  stats too.
You have regular check ins at the vet clinic, with  assessments  at Weeks six, ten and 14 to monitor your progress.
From the start of the game.

When answering the ten questions for Woofr

I knew I’d enjoy this game.
The dating app  quest ions are very fun and silly — it really set the tone for the humour and mood of the rest of the game.
Maybe it’s because the  main character  is as awkward around people as I am, but the dialogue made me genuinely laugh out loud at times.
Blocker, one of the dogs available for you to adopt in Best Friend Forever (I renamed him Churro!) The characters that you can date were all really  interesting , with distinct personalities.
Most of the random encounters had a question for my character to answer, and  my response  would determine the outcome and how much each character liked me.
I liked that they were really diverse, including characters who are trans and disabled, and same-sex  relationships  are possible too.
The  romance  options feel very natural, which I also appreciated.
In my playthrough, I adopted my dream dog, a mutt called Churro.
The choices of daily activities were all really creative and different.
While he never achieved higher than a bronze medal each time, he was never going to be valedictorian.
I never quite figured out how the stats worked or how to improve (I made sure he had all of his mood levels set to green), but he is still my favourite boy.

After adopting your dog in Best Friend Forever

they are shown on the bottom right of your screen throughout the game dialogue Throughout the game, your companion sits at the bottom right of the screen, with regular instances you have to react to, such as your dog pulling on the lead or digging a hole.
It took me a little while to figure out how to complete some of them successfully, but once I got the hang of it they were a really fun addition to the game.
They made your dog feel more central to the story, especially when he would interact with the characters around you.
The whole game was so much fun to play.
I liked that while there were dating sim elements to it, your dog is also a key focus.
Every part of the game seemed to be designed to be inclusive and I learned things in the game too.

I loved every minute of this game and want to move to Rainbow Bay myself

It was the perfect escapist fantasy.
Best Friend Forever  was released on 27th August by Starcolt and is now available on   and on for Windows PC and Mac, and on.
You can also download a free demo to try it out before you buy, .

Or find out more information on the official   website       Best Friend ForeverStarcolt
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